Mission Bush Pilot and Nurse

After spending three years in Guyana, South America, we have now moved to Bewani, 50 Km south of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. We have started a new humanitarian aviation ministry here. In visiting with health officials and church people here, the need for an aviation program to reach into remote villages became very apparent. We are taking health workers and medicines/vaccines, into remote village airstrips and bringing out critically ill patients to the hospital. We also fly in educational materials for schools, as well as take in Bible workers. Toni is helping with the medical end of things, while Gary takes care of the flying part. We have several local lay missionaries we sponsor and we do ground transport for patients as well. We are volunteers here to serve our God and the unreached people of Papua New Guinea. We have a great need for more people to join in this effort.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trip to Wewak

The rest of the story of our trip to Wewak
We thought we were all set for our trip to Wewak that had already been delayed by a week, we asked God to open the way when He saw fit.  Sunday night we were told there was room on the boat for us Monday morning.  We were advised to be ready between 7-7:30.  At 7:10 they showed up at our door and said we had to go then because the boat was full and we needed to get our spot.  We had been told earlier that we should expect to wait a couple of hrs at the boat until they got enough people to fill it.   We grabbed our small day packs and left for the boat.  When we arrived they took our packs and put them in with the other cargo and wrapped them up so they wouldn’t get wet.  We didn’t take our water bottles out or sunscreen for Toni.  Then we were off.   The sun was up and hot already as we began the 3+ hr boat ride on the open sea staying about a mile off shore.  The boat is about 20 ft long and 5+ ft wide with a 75 hp outboard. It was soon apparent that Toni was getting sunburned but her wide brim hat helped protect some of her face and back of her neck.  The rest of her exposed skin started to redden. 
The coastline was pretty and we even had a dolphin swim along side a few minutes.  The swells were only 6-8 ft so not too bad.  When we finally arrived at Aitape, (location of tidal wave in 1998) our behinds were very sore from sitting on the hard wood bench.  We were thankful for no rain, not having to sit on the bottom of the boat like most did, and that we arrived safely, even without a bathroom stop.  As we were coming ashore and the boat man was trying to navigate the breakers, one caught us and everyone on Toni’s side including her got drenched. 
When we got to the dock they welcomed us warmly and we asked for a bathroom.  The owner of the boat and the business said, sure, wait a couple of minutes while I tell the kids to clean it first. 
When Gabriel, the owner came back he took us to his house and invited us in.  We used the bathroom and then he invited us to relax in his sitting room as the truck we were to continue on in was being repaired.  We had a 5 hour journey ahead of us yet by land to reach Wewak. 
Later Gabriel came in and said the end of the repair was near and then begin to tell us how he was using his business to support church work.  8 years ago he started with $1500 US, and now he had several vehicles and boats.  He is now selling fuel, auto parts, has a repair shop and taxi business with the boats and pickups.  Last year he gave bicycles to 5 bible workers and this year he is upgrading them all to motorcycles. 
His daughters brought us some sandwiches to eat as it was past noon and the truck was not yet ready.  Then Gabriel told us about his wife who was in the next room unbeknownst to us. She had had a series of strokes that have left her completely paralyzed he said and she was unable to talk, but could still hear.  I asked if we could go in and pray for her.  He eyes lighted up and said yes.  He gathered his daughters that were near by and we went into pray.  We found she could move one arm and one leg a little bit and squeeze with her had a bit.  We prayed and then Toni checked her to see what movement she had.  Then she explained to them how to exercise their mom so help her regain muscle and nerve function again.  No one had ever given them any hope of regaining some motion again.  Toni told them that if they did it every day a couple of times, there is the possibility of maybe being able to get around again.  With God’s help all things are possible.  There were tears in the ladies eyes when we finished praying. That is when it dawned on me why we were delayed waiting for the vehicle to be repaired.  Just a few minutes after we finished with his wife, they told us to load up and we were ready to leave, 4 hrs after we had arrived.
It only took a couple of miles before the road turned from mostly payment to mostly ruts and potholes.  Soon there was no pavement and only gravel, holes and bigger holes.  We were put up in the cab, which is nice for 2 people but very tight for 3, but at least we were inside and it looked like it could rain.  There were other passengers including women and children in the back of the pickup along with fuel drums and cargo.  The road got really rough and soon we were fording streams and rivers in 4WD low.  Some of the rivers had seen rain up above us and were brown and rising fast.  Some of the water was up to the floorboard, which was already jacked up.  The pickups here all have snorkels and we saw why. 
As it became late in the afternoon some of the on coming traffic (not much on this road) warned us of possible trouble a head.  A couple of villages were having a dispute of some sort and not happy.  As we approached the area a group of men stop us and our driver spoke with them a few minutes before continuing.  We noticed most of the men had black paint on their faces and arms.   They all carried either a gun, bush knife (machete or cutlass). Some even had spears and arrows. Sorry we don’t take pictures in these kind of situations. When we got underway we asked the driver what was going on and then he told us a couple of villages were fighting but that he knew them and they wouldn’t bother us.  We passed a couple more groups of warriors attired the same way before leaving the area.  Sure thankful for angels that travel with us!!

Happy New Year

Reflections on 2013


This has been a year of change, some good, some not so good.

Toni’s dad passed away the end of Oct and we each had 2 aunts pass away this year.  We also lost several good friends who we miss as well.


We went through the ordeal of separating from Adventist World Aviation (AWA), and then, thankfully we were able to join up with Mission Projects Inc.  MPI has been so helpful and easy to work with.


We finally got things worked out to proceed to our mission project after waiting for over 2 years. Now we are dealing with a new culture, new language and the great distance from family and friends.  There are lots of adjustments when moving to a new country and starting something from the ground up.  God has been awesome and has repeatedly shown us that this is where He wants us and is working things out for us in His own way and time.


God has been faithful to provide for all of our needs and many of our wants too.  He sends people into our lives at the right time to help us as well.  We are humbled to see how He cares so much for us. We praise Him for the opportunities to share and witness of His faithfulness to us.


We are faced with many big challenges for the New Year, but as we see how God has lead thus far, we know He will work it all out in the future. He already has the solutions to these problems!


We hope to get a vehicle soon, and have put an offer on one, but do not know if it has been accepted yet.  We are also having trouble getting our donations wired here from the US.  We are in need of a mechanic to take care of the airplane here, so we can ship it and begin flights here.  We also need a shipping company that will bring our supply container from the US to us here in PNG.  We also have to build an airbase, (house and hanger).  God has provided so much so far that we know He will provide these when He sees the time is right.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Blessings for the New Year,

Gary and Toni Lewis



Donations can be sent to:

Mission Projects Inc.

P.O. Box 504

College Place WA 99324

Please include a note: PNG project

Or go to www.Missionprojectsinc.com for cc or online donations

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

small onions here to cook with, second picture is what $33.00 USD will buy here and then a dugout in the process of being made. Kids enjoying the afternoon.

Cutting brush under and around the house we will use while building our own.  How many people can you load onto your small pickup?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

merry Christmas from PNG

           Blessings of the Christmas Season to you from Papua New Guinea!

We want to wish you a very blessed and happy Christmas season as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth over 2000 years ago! The temps are hot as it is summer here now.  We seem to be the only people living here from the USA in this little town.  We have seen a couple of mates from Australia who work at a surfing club here, but that seems to be about it so far. There are many Indonesians here working in the logging and palm oil industry too. There are Christmas decorations in town and some music blaring. We are missing not having family and close friends to celebrate with.

  The church members here have been the kindest and most generous I have ever encountered as a group.  They are always looking out for our needs and providing food for our table.  Sunday another group of about a dozen went out to Bewani (where we will be building the airbase) to help clear the brush away from under and around the house and make a list of repairs and materials needed to make the house liveable.  They are hoping to have the house ready for us by the end of the month!! We will have to figure out something for transportation though, back and forth to Vanimo for supplies. It will have to be 4WD and they are very expensive here! Since there isn’t any cell service or internet there, after we move, you won’t hear from us as often.

 We have been having several power outages for the whole area lately, but this last week we had one for approx. 28 hrs.  That meant we had to haul water in bucket from the church, no lights, no fan, no refrig. it stopped and everything in it got warm and items in freezer partially melted. We had nothing to cook with, as we have been using an electric cook top.  The ladies brought us a one burner kero stove to cook on the second day.  They were worried about us they said. I think this is trying to prepare us for our move to Bewani where there is no power, running water etc.  When our container arrives and we build our house, we will then have solar and a small generator, but until them…..?  Our computers and phones all went dead too as we didn’t realize the power would be off so long.  Showers with a bucket and sleeping while sweating up a storm.  About noon on Friday I asked the Lord to please send some angels to help the engineers to fix the problem as it would sure be nice to have power for the weekend.  A couple of hours later it came on.  Saturday I was told that one of the computer boards for controlling the generator had gone out.  They brought an expert from the capital and he said they would have to get a new one out of Brisbane Australia. That would take two weeks.  Then someone pushed some buttons and hit the reset, and it started working again!  God is so good! We were praising the Lord when the power came on just a few hours before sundown Friday night.

Our house has many more rats than people living in it.  I don’t remember ever having to compete with rats like this, especially in the house for our food. We can see 2-3 running around at the same time and always hear them knocking stuff down in the cabinets or off the shelves.  We cover stuff on the table, but….. Each morning we check to see how much food was eaten by the rats. They have chewed thru the table cloths, too.  The ladies here have found some rat poison and we are starting to feed them that.

We are grateful for cloudy days here as the temp is better and the sunshine isn’t so intense.  The night the power was off we went out to see the stars in real darkness. The moon was only about 2/3 but was brighter than a full moon in Arizona, it was unbelievably bright and easy to walk around without a flashlight.  So much for seeing the stars that night

We are able to receive emails on our phone now for a fee and send out very short ones once in awhile so we don’t have to look at a 6 mile hike quite so often to and from the internet. It wouldn’t be so bad if the road home wasn’t a steep climb uphill the last part and it wasn’t so hot and humid.  Kinda knocks it out of you sometimes.  Of course, this won’t be available in Bewani.

Wherever in the world you are when this catches up with you, we want you to know we are thinking about you and hope you are counting God’s blessings too.  God is so good and He is so faithful.  It makes the bumps in the road easier when we remember that God sent His Son to show us the way back to heaven.  He has trod the way before us and is with us now!

Blessings to each of you,

Gary and Toni Lewis

www.lewisjungleministries.com (for some pictures or on Facebook)

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Mission Projects Inc.

P.O. Box 504, College Place WA 99324

Please include a note: PNG project

Or go to www.Missionprojectsinc.com for cc or online donations

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This is a picture of the house we can stay in while we build ours at the airbase, note the steps. ha. that is the delivery table at the clinic and Toni with the local health worker in Bewani.

SDA church here near Vanimo.  Picture of Toni making her first “rice basket”. Baptism at the beach and a local house on the beach.

Monday, November 25, 2013

update from PNG

This is an update on progress here in PNG.  We are not able to get on the internet very often and we rely on kindness of church members for transportation. The people here are so friendly and helpful here. Sunday we were taken out to where will plan to build the airbase.  The land we have been given to build on will need to be drained and grass cleared.  There is an abandoned house there that has been offered to us to use while we build ours.  It will take some real work to make it livable but is much better than the alternatives.  The internet is not close to the base as we had hoped so transportation is becoming number one priority.  There is no cell service there yet either so that means sat. phone for now. Water is also a big challenge.
 Toni got to visit the “clinic” there and saw the needs.  They have 30-40 patients per day.  Malaria is the number 1 problem by far.  I will need to help them hook up their solar panel and battery so they can have light for night deliveries,  now they use flashlights or cell phone light.
Ryan from Global Mission Support has been here for a week looking at projects to go home with and get people together to come help.  He is also trying to get us a mechanic and pilot to help with the plane. 
Lots to do, lots of big issues to deal with, but our God is Bigger!  One day at a time we move forward.
Thank you for your prayers and support.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Arrived PNG

Greetings from PNG
We have arrived in PNG. It was a week ago today that we left USA.  We
spent a couple of days in the capital at the Adventist University
waiting for our flight to Vanimo.  Our host there was awesome and
treated us so well.  When we arrived in Vanimo on Friday, the welcome
was better than any we have ever received on any of our mission post
before.  It still continues and warms our hearts.  They are so
friendly and helpful.
We plan to go out to where we plan to build the airbase either later
this week or next to see how to proceed.  In the mean time we are
staying at the parsonage here in Vanimo. When we travel we will have
the Spot on and you can see our location.
The weather here is very hot and humid, rainy season is just starting.
 Lots of things to adjust to here.
Yesterday we met with the district administrator and provincial health
director to begin laying plans of how we can help reach the remote
villages here with medical care.  They are both very excited to have
us here and they hope the plane is able to arrive soon.
Thank you for your continued prayers, God is answering them.  We have
seen God’s hand moving on our behalf in so many ways in the last week.
 Our luggage all made it here and we saw God’s hand in that also.
We haven’t been able to get online until now and it is slow mode so
can’t do as much as we like. please feel free to share this as we are
limited here in who we can send it to at present.
Blessings to each of you
Gary and Toni Lewis

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A few days left

There are only a few days left before our departure to Papua New Guinea. We are feverishly trying to finish packing the container for the airbase and our personal stuff.  We are also trying to tie up all the loose ends so we don’t leave too many things for other people to do.
We don’t know yet just how much access we will have to internet once we arrive, but will do our best to post updates, as we can.  
We have waited a long time for this to happen and now it is at our door step.  The Lord keeps providing affirmations that this is His plan for us and to keep moving forward.  We can’t see very far down the path in front of us, but as we trust Him, He keeps opening the path before us a little at a time.  
We wish to thank all of you who kept encouraging us, praying for us and supporting us during this long wait.  Now things are moving rapidly and we will see what lies ahead. The good news is that we know Who knows the future and He has the problems already solved!  
Attached is a short video made by our friend Darah Varga.  Feel free to share it if you wish.  It is also posted on our Facebook site under Lewis Jungle Ministries.
For those who would like to help with this project, donations can be sent to:
Mission Projects Inc.
P.O. Box 504
College Place, WA. 99324
Please include note: Lewis PNG project

video link

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Papua New Guinea Mission Aviation video

Thanks to Darah Varga for making it for us!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Our countdown for departure to PNG is going fast.  It is less than a month away, (Nov. 11) and seems like the hands on the clock are going faster.  Toni’s last day of work at the surgery center was this last week.  Now we are focusing on tying up loose ends, packing and getting last minute supplies to take with us.  We have purchased some supplies for the air base and for her medical work when we get there.  We are hoping to find someone who would donate some dental tools for doing extractions.  
When one tries to buy some very basic supplies to last for 3 years, the costs mount up very fast.  
The hanger is all loaded in the container and now we are putting the lighter stuff on top of it.  It must be packed tight and everything itemized.  No small task.  
We are so grateful for all the items people have donated to this project and for those who have sent donations to help with the expenses!!  We have been told the container will take 3-6 months to arrive at our location there.  That means we will be living and surviving out of our suitcases until it arrives.
For those of you who have expressed an interest in a mission trip to come help us, spring break or summer time might be a good time, as hopefully the container will have arrived  by then and there will be lots to do.
We have no idea yet how soon we will get to ship the airplane, as we need to get maintenance  details worked out there before we ship it.
Thank you so much for your prayers and continued support for this project to help the remote villages of PNG.
We are on Facebook at Lewis Jungle Ministries. We have put up pictures on FB and post more frequently there. If you click “like” on that page, you will get updates when they are posted there. You only need to do it once.
We really enjoy hearing from you.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Airplane Hanger

Today we finished loading the steel structure for the airplane hanger into the container it will be shipped in.  Now we have to load all the rest of the supplies for the airbase to finish filling it.  God has supplied lots of clothes, books, and bibles to distribute,  and equipment that will be so helpful in getting things started.  Lots to do yet, and time is moving fast now.  One day at a time!

Friday, September 20, 2013

PNG bound

Dear friends,
Things have been happening fast and furious the last few weeks it seems.  When God turns on the green light, better be ready to move!
Our passports with the new visa’s for Papua New Guinea arrived a few days ago, and so did our container for shipping supplies and the hanger for the airbase. Yesterday we received our airline tickets to PNG.  Toni submitted her notice of resignation yesterday and will be done with her work in 3 weeks.
We are set to leave the USA on Nov 11 which is only a very few weeks away. That time will go by really fast considering, how long our “to do” list is yet.  This week, Gary has been finishing up some jobs he had been hired to do, as well as working on school finances (he is the school board chairman). Then he has been helping friends move, who are in their late 80’s.  Hopefully next week we can get started putting the hanger, etc., into the container.
The list of things to do and purchase is pretty long, but when God calls, He provides.  It is exciting to see things finally moving forward, but I will admit, also a bit overwhelming at times. Then I have to stop and remember, this IS God’s project; not ours and He is in charge!  He has promised to supply all of our needs according to His riches!
This Sunday, a former bush pilot/mechanic is coming to do our annual inspection on the plane, so it will be all set.
Next weekend, I will be meeting with some young people who are considering helping us in PNG. One that wants to go long term is an airplane mechanic, helicopter pilot and is purchasing a helicopter for mission service.  This could really open up some possibilities if this is the Lord’s plan. Please pray about it with us. We are still needing an IA airplane mechanic, so keep lifting that up in prayer, also.
Thanks for all your prayers and support during this long wait, the time has finally come to march to the front lines. The picture shows where in the country we will be located, approximately (where the red dot is).

Thanks again for your support and prayers,
Gary and Toni Lewis
pilot and nurse for the remote and unreached of Papua New Guinea

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Visa & Container

Exciting news!
Our shipping container arrived this week! Our passports arrived yesterday with our visa’s for PNG and they are good until 2015!! Tonight an aircraft mechanic called and offered to do our annual inspection on the plane and no charge for his labor!  Then he offered to come to PNG and reassemble it if we need him too!  God is so GOOD!  He always provides just what is needed, when it is needed!  Now we have to get packed up and on our way!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finally, visa’s and shipping container

Dear Family and Friends,
These last few days have found us scurrying around once again getting things lined up for our departure to Papua New Guinea.  First, we were notified that our long-awaited visa’s had arrived at the embassy in Washington DC. So we had to get some paperwork together, along with our passports, and send them off so they can put the visa’s in them.  Then we heard from the administrator in the district where we will be establishing the airbase, and he said things are peaceful now, and the people are ready and excited to have us come.  We have ordered our shipping container for the hanger and supplies for the airbase so we can begin loading it.  
After waiting so long, it appears that we will be on our way very soon.  God’s timing is not always the way we see things, but His way is always the best.  When we look back, we can see Him leading and directing us along the way.
We are still looking for an experienced airplane mechanic who is willing to come and keep our airplane safe, and help with the airbase.  If the person is also a pilot, that would be an added plus!  If you or someone you know, might be interested, please contact us right away.
Thank you for your patience with us during this long waiting period.  We are thankful that it now looks like we could be at our new post in just a couple of months.
Once again, thank you for your prayers and support, God is faithful and does answer prayers.
Gary and Toni Lewis

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moving forward, but a bit slow

Dear family and friends,
Since we last sent out our email telling of our change of organizations, some positive developments have taken place. 
We contacted the area administrator in PNG where we have been offered an airstrip and land to put up an airbase.  He responded and said that there was some issues taking place at that time and he recommended that we wait a bit for things to settle down.  He was very happy to know we were once again focused on coming to PNG.  We were saddened by the delay but we continue to trust that the God we serve sees the whole big picture and will work things out in His time.  
Meanwhile Gary has been able to find some work in construction which he enjoys doing, so that is keeping him busy and earning some money.  The church here as also decided to give him some jobs, so his plate is full.  
We heard from the administrator in PNG again this week, and he said things are much better, but advising us to wait a bit longer to make sure it will be safe for us to go and develop the airbase.  
God’s timing is not always how we think things should be, but His timing is ALWAYS the best.  So in the mean time, we continue to wait and serve Him here until He gives us the go ahead.
We still see God’s hand working for us in so many ways that we know He hasn’t forgotten or forsaken us.
Thank you so much for you prayers and support!  Hopefully the wait is about over for our friends in PNG who are in need of air support.

May God continue to bless you,

Gary and Toni Lewis
pilot & nurse for Papua New Guinea

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lewis update

Dear Family and Friends,
We are happy to greet you once again and pray that this letter finds you well.  We are doing very well, Praise the Lord! We’ve gained a few extra things and a few extra pounds we will hopefully be looking to get rid of this summer as we are closer to going to PNG! The last couple of weeks and days have brought about some big changes for us. Change is usually not all good, neither is it all bad.  It’s amazing when we look back and see how the Lord works in our lives and never leaves us or forsakes us.  We are eager to see what he has in store for us next.
We were so blessed while working with GMI and are so grateful for your support.  Our desire to go to PNG began to grow in our hearts while we were still in Guyana.  When we left there we joined Hope on Wings in order to follow that growing desire. With them we gained many contacts with the people there, we got the offer to come fly there and the use of an airstrip when we get there but we still needed airplane maintenance and mechanic support. So we joined Adventist World Aviation (AWA) knowing that they would be able to provide the needed support.
We have been working with AWA for about 8 months now but, due to a variety of issues, we have decided to look for another organization to work with. One of the items was that AWA insisted on a 6 year commitment and at this stage in our lives considering the age and health of our parents we are not sure we could complete it.  We will miss the maintenance help but we are confident God will provide.  He has already sent us a mechanic that is very interested in moving to Papua New Guinea (PNG) with us!  Another item is that AWA is not ready to go to PNG for 2-3 years yet.  Since we have felt very strongly for a long time that PNG is where God is calling us and time is of the essence, we are greatly determined to answer that call.
Changing to Mission Projects Inc. (MPI) allows us to get back on track and go to PNG now.  MPI will also allow us to have more funds for the project as the administration fees are 2% and are a small fraction of what we have been charged thru AWA..  We want the donor money to go as directed to the project and to go as far as possible. We have seen over and over how God takes donations and multiplies them like He did the 2 fish and 5 loaves.  We strive to manage the money in every way to honor Him. This change also allows us to remain in control of the airplane–how it is used and where. You, our donors,  have entrusted us to get the plane ready for service, and we are humbled at how you have met the needs and we want to make sure it is used as you intended.
We don’t always understand the paths the Lord leads us down, and sometimes we divert and the Lord has to bring us back.  Our goal is to continue to follow Him and “He shall direct our path”.  We are happy to once again be focused on PNG where our burden lies.
Thank you again for your loyal support and encouragement. We would like to be sending stories from PNG by summer if all goes well.  We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you. We feel the pros out weight the cons and are trusting God as we move forward to work in His vineyard.
The new address for donations is:
Mission Projects Inc.
P.O. Box 504
College Place, WA 99324
Checks should be made out to Mission Projects Inc.
Please include note stating; Lewis Project.  For credit card or pay pal you can go online to www.missionprojectsinc.org and go to donation area, or you can call Susan at 509-529-2378.
Thank you and may God continue to bless you,
Gary and Toni Lewis

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Philippine trip


SDA hospital
village home
underground river
SDA church near airbase

It has been awhile since we have written, not because there is nothing to write, but we have been busy as things are finally starting to take shape.  
Gary went for a two week survey trip to the Philippines and just got back last week. With the 15 hour difference in time, it has taken a bit to readjust.  The director of operations for AWA (Adventist World Aviation) went and so did David Brain who is planning to move over there with his family later this year, to work with us. The three of us went there to see what the possibilities might be and what the needs are.  We also checked out the AWA plane that was bent there two years ago, and tried to determine if it was worth repairing or just use it for parts.  
We hiked, three and a half hours out to a mission outpost in the mountains operated by Kent & Leonda George and had a nice weekend with them. 
The Philippines has about 7000 islands and many don’t have any regular connection or transportation to the rest of the country.  We can help to reach some of these islands with the plane and bring in supplies, health workers and missionaries. AWA already has property there and has started an airbase, but the airstrip is not finished, there is no hanger, it needs a well, and electricity hooked up.  We also need to build a house for us to live in.  We would basically be starting from the bottom up. There will be lots of challenges there getting the base and operation going.  Maybe this is practice for Papua New Guinea, if the doors ever open for us to go there.   If not, looks like we could be busy in the Philippines for as long as we wish.  At least it is not nearly as primitive there, as where we had planned to base in PNG. 
As you may remember in our last email, we told you about our friend John Lello getting killed . Attached is a link to the testimony his wife gave at his funeral.  She puts out the challenge for someone to go and continue the work that she and John started.  It is a powerful testimony, I hope you will take the time to watch it.
We are now focusing on getting the logistics worked out to get the plane and supplies shipped to the island of Palawan in the Philippines. We hope to go as soon as possible.  We are excited to finally reach the stage of getting things wrapped up to go.  There is a lot to work out yet, and some big expenses, but our God is big enough to provide as He sees best.
Thank you for your prayers and continued support–despite the delays,  God is still moving us forward.  Your continued support has meant so much.  It has all gone to the project, as Toni’s work has provided for our personal needs.  We are still short some funds, but we know it will come in on time.

Pam Lello’s testimony